The Connector


Since 2005 we’ve helped business owners, including those entering into or already established in self-employment, successfully grow businesses through contacts, coaching, and collaboration.  Our panel of expert business development specialists is dedicated to equipping you with the education, opportunity, and inspiration needed for tangible visibility and unlimited success in today's market. Through networking, educational workshops, after-hours events, and professional coaching services, you’ll learn the skills to reach your goals, and meet the people who can help you achieve them.  

NETWORKING AND EVENTS:  Every week members of The Connector gather for networking, learning experiences, social activities, support, and camaraderie. Members and guests meet for workshops, coffees, and happy hours with ample opportunity for networking before and after, and business card exchanges. Each event offers our members and guests an opportunity to meet other business owners while learning about products, services, and resources that can make our lives and businesses run more smoothly.

NEW MEDIA MARKETING:  The marketing world has changed and the old rules don't apply any more. Today's business owner must develop a smart, profit-producing marketing road map that adapts and incorporates a fresh new mix of social media and new media marketing strategies. Traditional methods of advertising are losing influence on consumers. A growing number of consumers are making purchasing decisions off Internet research and referrals. Our carefully selected arsenal of  tools and new media marketing experts gives today's empowered entrepreneur the edge on the competition and guarantees success on today's playing field, the internet.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:   In today's rapidly changing world, only well equipped businesses succeed. Our alliance of business experts have extensive practical experience and offer individualized consultations, boot-camps, masterminds, and professional coaching services.

COMMUNITIES:  To help you fine tune your efforts to your related demographic we offer a network of communities focused on key target markets.  Whether your business serves real estate, bridal, beauty, internet, women, military or another specialized niche, or is specifically limited your local market  we can help.

DIRECTORY:  Our member business directory is listing of all businesses that are members of the Get Connected Network. When your business is looking for products or services, check our directory first to see if one of our members can meet your needs. 

We invite you to visit our communities and events to discover the unlimited potential for your personal and business growth.  Whether your focus area is local or global, Get Connected 365 offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded others and tap into an infinite supply of knowledge and information.  To find and connect with us on popular social media sites find us via the links on the right or by visiting our "Connect" page.