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Rebekah Welch, The Connector
Rebekah Welch is a professional Social Media Strategist, Visibility Coach, and Public Speaker.  Her passion and expertise lie in empowering entrepreneurs and business owners with the mind-set, strategies, tools, and connections necessary for exceptional success. 
Rebekah has served in the trenches of the retail service and entertainment industry, as a network marketer, the owner of beauty salons and day spas, founder of a mobile officiating service, and co-owner of an independent recording label. She knows the challenges facing entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners and is dedicated to showing them how to utilize today's technology to create effective marketing strategies that produce real and rapid results.  As a single mom, Rebekah has extensive knowledge of the challenges that face single-parent entrepreneurs, and can offer effective strategies for creating success systems around family priorities.  LEARN MORE...

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Tara Jacobsen, Marketing Artfully
Tara is the founder of Marketing Artfully, a ten year old company that creates cutting edge marketing strategies for small businesses. 

Tara’s primary responsibilities are speaking with small business and Realtor© groups, conducting workshop trainings and consulting with clients. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and 10+ years of “in-the-trenches” marketing experience, Tara’s background prepared her for helping small business owners grow their market share and profitability with “real life” marketing ideas and lead generating tips.  LEARN MORE...

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