Thank You Dynamic Woman!

Now that you have completed your subscription payment for the monthly Publicity Package, You'll want to email me a few things so my team can get your campaign started!  Please fill out, scan, and return your sign contract to me first. Then create word documents and send to with the following information:
  • Your company name and contact info - and BEST # TO REACH YOU AT.
  • Links to any relevant websites and blogs you host.
  • Links to your profiles on social media outlets; facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.
  • An explanation of your products/services, including pricing and any packages you may offer.  BE SPECIFIC and be sure to list the benefits that the purchaser will receive.
  • A bio for you and/or your company.
  • Related images in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
  • A link to your online event calendar (can be a google calendar) OR a list of your scheduled events for the coming year. Please include date, time, location as well as descriptions and headlines and maximum capacity/seating for each event.
  • Any testimonies or rave reviews you have received.
  • At least three examples of a specific issue or problem your were able to help solve for a client/customer and the results the client experienced.
  • Any questions you have for me, or specific notes regarding things you think are important for me to know to help create your publicity campaign.
Please be sure to "whitelist" my email address so that you will receive communications from me.  It is also a great idea to connect with me on social media where you will be able to see firsthand some of the promotion and monitor feedback on your brand.  I use many tools in many places, so what you visibly see is literally the tip of the iceberg.

Watch for emails with important info and any questions I may have that will help me promote you. At anytime you are free to add additional services to your plan, and I will occasionally make suggestions that may help our efforts and additional charges may apply should you choose to incorporate them.

*While I can guarantee that I will use everything available to me to get your company seen and recognized, I cannot guarantee sales or response. Products and services are subjective.  My control is limited to sharing your information, I have absolutely no control over whether they will need or buy what you're offering.

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