Acupuncturist Donates to help Premies at Rose

Denver Acupuncturist donates to help premies at Rose.

Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac. donates proceeds from every Acupuncture treatment she gives in December to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Rose Medical Center.

If you haven’t been in for a while for an Acupuncture treatment or are considering getting Acupuncture, now would be the time to call so that you too can help the premies smile! Because $5 of each Acupuncture treatment that I give during the month of December will be donated toward a gift for the premie babies at Rose Medical Center.

Earlier this year my grandson, Jonathan, was born 13 weeks early by emergency C-section. He and my daughter both survived, thank God, but Jonathan spent the first 3 months of his life in the NICU at Rose Medical Center. It was touch and go many times but now he thrives thanks to the wonderful care he received at Rose and the many prayers that were said during his stay there.

He is my 2007 miracle baby. First my daughter couldn’t get pregnant so we did Fertility Acupuncture on her and Bingo! she got pregnant. But, Jonathan was very anxious to meet us so caused my daughter to deliver early. I also gave my daughter Acupuncture treatments as physicians started acknowledging that Jonathan may be coming prematurely. We managed to keep him in for 27 weeks … enough time to get some medication to help his premature lungs.

At any rate, I am so grateful to the staff at Rose that I am instituting an annual gifting program where I will use $5 from each Acupuncture treatment that I give in December to buy items that the babies in the NICU can use or enjoy. For example, when my Jonathan was “graduated” to a crib I bought a mobile to put on it. He loved that thing! After all, looking at hospital walls and ceilings week after week can be boring even to a tiny baby. So I would like to show my gratitude by giving back to the NICU in some way and help make some of the tiny babies in the unit smile.

What a great opportunity for me to give people Acupuncture – improve your health – and at the same time give back to the NICU at Rose by using a part of each of my patients’ fees to fund a gift drive.

To make an appointment you may call me at 303-947-6224. You can also email me at DrMLucas@AcupunctureWoman.com for more information.

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