Benefits of Building a List

An efficient method of collecting names of people interested in your business is called Building a List. The list is composed of only people who desire to be contacted by you. These are people who have visited your website at one time or another and have suggested an interest in your business by signing in with their contact information.

When you have a website, you can collect the e-mail addresses of those who have shown interest in you and your business. That way you don’t waste time sending information to anyone not interested who would just delete your message anyway.

Another benefit is that because many people will only visit your website one time, you will still be able to contact them in the future. If you collect their address to be on your list, you will be able to contact them again and again about your products or services.

A third benefit is that list building is a simple marketing tool. The best method is to use your most popular pages and put a newsletter sign up form at the beginning of it where visitors will easily notice it. Incentives are always a good way to get people to sign up too. Or you can use pop up forms that go over your web page so you don’t have to make any changes on the pages.

One more thing to note is that when building a list, it is most desirable to use the double opt in list. It will protect people who really didn’t want you to contact them to be able to get off the list. This sometimes will happen if someone else gives you other people’s e-mail addresses. The double opt in requires the people that signed up to send a reply e-mail to verify that they truly do want to hear from you. It may seem like a lot of work but overall it will be worth it. You will not be sending a lot of unwanted spam and the ones who do want to hear from you will be more likely to reply to your messages.

As you can see, building a list for your business has several benefits to make your marketing more efficient. By targeting visitors who are interested and who have offered you their contact information, you will be putting your efforts into only those who most likely will reply as a customer.

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