The MPG Cap?

Like us, you are certainly feeling the pinch at the pump. Fortunately, new technologies are hitting the marketplace just about every week, all promising lower fuel costs. The reality is most of them simply do not work. In fact, many of these products have been in the news lately and are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. We have discovered a solution that you need to know about.

When we first learned about it we were naturally skeptical, however, after digging deeper and doing the research, it became clear that this company is one of the few legitimate players actually delivering on the promise. This cutting edge combustion chamber treatment actually improves the combustion characteristics inside the engine, resulting in an average 10% increase in mileage THAT’S JUST AVERAGE for most vehicles, along with decreased wear and tear and lower greenhouse emissions. Bottom line is, it’s reducing our fuel costs substantially! It’s also one of the few products tested by independent laboratories and officially registered with the EPA.

With the huge demand for fuel savings, impeccable timing and proven science behind the product naturally sparked our interest. That’s when we met the leadership team and discovered the cutting-edge system they put in place to help people like yourself maximize their savings at the pump AND bring value back to their rapidly depreciating automobiles.

WHO'S USING THE MPG CAP? (click on links to visit!)
Rebekah Welch, President & CEO - The Colorado Connector
Rob & Nancy Blackmore - Southern Financial Corporation
Tricia Martins - TM Style In Silver
Keith Welch - Strange New Day
Micah Eggleston - M & P Automotive
Roxanne Weaver - Max A Memory
Paige Jennings - Safe Memories
Jim & Sally Zimmerman - Zimcom Promotions

Please join us for our informational seminar and team meeting to learn more about this new technology. You are welcome to bring friends and family, and we'll even provide the snacks and drinks.

Interested In This Incredible Fuel Freedom Business Opportunity? Learn how we will drive thousands of people into our businesses in the next 6 months. YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT! Find out what this can mean to you and your financial future!

I am so excited to be able to share our experience with you. It will of course depend a lot on your car and how good of records you have kept – but our results have been HUGE. SHORT STORY: We have both a Chevy Suburban and a Chevy Venture. The Venture is my car and I drive a LOT for my business. Since incorporating the MPG Caps my mpg rating has gone from 15.82 to 18.9 in town – in other words I am getting over 3 miles MORE per gallon than I was before, or about 77 MORE miles per tank. Additionally, I no longer have to purchase the premium gas.

My husband has noticed that now instead of having to fill the tank on the Suburban once a week like he was previously, he is able to go almost 3 weeks before re-fueling. We took the Suburban on a family vacation to Colorado Springs (about an hour from us) where we drove ALL OVER the place playing tourist for 3 days – we went EVERYWHERE –up the mountain, down the mountain, Garden of the Gods, Solo’s - everywhere. When we got home 3 days later we STILL had a ½ tank of gas left – we NEVER refueled on our trip. We have six kids – our gas bill was OUTRAGEOUS at over $800 per month between the two of us. We have reduced that to LESS than $400 – and our driving habits are exactly the same.

I sent a ten pack of caps with our friends who drove from here to Disneyland and back and visited family members along the way. They make the trip annually and KNOW their budget for gas – the hubby is meticulous about his records. They were SO stunned that they called me the minute they returned to Denver to tell me they had saved over $200 on their estimated gas budget by using the pills in their gas tank. I can point you DOZENS of people who have had similar experiences.

I cannot emphasize enough that IT REALLY WORKS, and we REALLY believe in the product and the opportunity –everyone NEEDS this!


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