The Sales Track- Basics to Closing the Deal

Being an educated and enthusiastic learner, I love to discuss the knowledge I have learned through experience, education, and mentoring that has made me a successful salesperson. I love Sales, I love dealing with people, and I love the challenge.

In sales, you never know who you are going to deal with or what is going to happen. The best strategy I have implemented is a technique called “The Sales Track.” When you first review this strategy, it looks as if its just common sense. Anyone who understands the sales process knows that these actions are just the basics. But as I continued to mature as a salesperson, I learned that this strategy is much more than just steps, it is a total and complete sales flow. So here it is:

The Steps of the Sales Track
1. Meet and Greet
2. Determine the Match
3. Show Features/Sell Benefits
4. Overcome Objections
5. Close
6. Congratulate

Simple right? So go make it happen Captain! This sales strategy will work for any type of sales if implemented correctly. Whether you're a Car Salesman, Network Marketer, a Telemarketer, or in any sort of Retail, this system WILL work. The key to this process is that you must understand the full definition of each step and complete each step before moving to the next. I will break down each step, as well as the importance of following the “track”, in the articles found at http://www.salessavy.com/

Thomas Kelly- Enthusiastic learner sharing knowledge on Sales Training, Sales Tips, Sales Techniques, and Sales Strategies. Feel free to add proven techniques and critique where needed. More article found at www.SalesSavy.com .

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