I'm on Entrepreneur Magazine's Blog!

I am so excited! I was featured on the Weekend Entrepreneur Magazine blog today!

Author Michelle Anton interviewed me and posted the story on her site. I am thrilled to be able to share my story with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Thanks to all my readers, students, and customers for all your support in making be still & knit a success.

I'd appreciate your taking the time to stop by the blog and add your comments about your experiences with me and be still & knit! If you would like your business featured there, please leave the details about it in your post. Michelle moderates all comments, and if she likes your story, then you'll get a chance to interview with her.

Please let me know if your business is featured!

Abundant blessings,


Lisa Akers
be still & knit, llc
Classes and clothing for children and the women who love them.
(303) 345-7620

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Wendy said...

I just read your interview in Entrepreneur Magazine's Blog. Loved it! Lisa, you're doing some really amazing things in business and the community. You're really going places, and it's very exciting to follow your success.