Mid-Year, All Clear!

WOW! 2008 has so far been a whirlwind of a year. We've re-structured, made-over, moved, refurbished, liquidated, relocated, learned, earned, and carried on.

I have a couple of personal announcements to share this time, and I invite you accompany me on these exciting journeys.

ONE - My oldest son made a very grown up career decision last December to join the US Marine Corps. He left for Boot Camp on Mother's Day which made for an interesting and memorable holiday for my family. As a result of his decision I have discovered a world for parents of soldiers that I was previously oblivious to. There is a serious need within this community for resources and support - I was rather shocked as how few were really available. I have decided to chronicle this adventure and help other parents of solders find the resources available to them on my blog "Mile High Semper Fi Mom". I also set up a new social network just for families of soldiers at "Military Mothers & Others". If you have loved ones serving in the armed forces, please email me for the links,

TWO - I announced back in February that I had been selected for the Spring 2008 Virtual Practice Builder Team. WHAT AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY this has been! I have had the pleasure of working with some of the world's finest guru's, and I am so excited to announce that my friend, coach, and mentor Travis Greenlee and his business partner Mitch Meyerson are preparing to launch the Master Business Building Club. As a member you will have acces to the most amazing and cutting edge technologies available today take your business straight to the top of the heap. I enthusiastically urge you to JOIN TODAY to save your spot and position yourself as a leader in this incredible new community.

THREE - I am excited to announce that Colorado Biz Buzz is launching soon! You can get a sneak preview at Stray tuned for more exciting details as they become available. Want to make history and get paid for it (not mlm - hourly wage+)? Contact for details.

As the mid-way mark approaches and we start to ease into our temporary (and very tiny) new digs, I am excited by all the new joint venture projects on the horizon and the MASSIVE numbers of new subscribers we keep pulling in. You guys are certainly die-hards! I was 'off' for almost an entire month and you guys just kept movin' & a shakin'! What an amazing community we truly have.

In the coming months stay tuned in to see some incredible new additions to our community, powerful new opportunites for you to promote yourself through our network, and cutting edge resources and technologies to keep you miles ahead of your competitors.

It is our pleasure here at TCC to keep you informed and educated while arming you with a plethora of events and activities to keep you plugged in and growing. So read on and ENJOY - and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming celebrations!

The Colorado Connector

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