7 Ways to Do Profitable Niche Research

Doing some good niche research can help to drive traffic to your site and boost your search engine rankings. In short, good niche research and earn you better profits! There is a method to effective niche research.

Take inventory of your knowledge. What are the fields in which you have expert knowledge or are very well versed? What are your hobbies and passions? Take inventory of your own knowledge and interests, write them down. This is a good place to start. If you begin by choosing a field that does not interest you, it will be very difficult to stay motivated. Think about it, you will have to work with this subject every day, every week, every month while you are growing your business. If you find a field that interests you and have some knowledge of then you can interact with people, do some social networking, establishing yourself as an expert while you build content on your website. It is your expertise that will be the driving force behind the growth and excellence of your business.

Create lists of keywords for these fields. There are a variety of simple - and free - sites and tools on the net that can assist you in finding keywords to fit the fields that you wish to pursue. Find basic keywords, then expand it using synonyms that words that are related. A thesaurus can also help you here. For instance, for the keyword coaching you may also choose mentor, career coach, high school coach and personal coach. You get the idea. Build your list and try to find keywords that are often searched.

Test your keywords to assess the demand for them. Run your keywords, one at a time, through a search engine or assessment tool. An assessment tool will tell you how many websites are listed when each keyword is searched and how many times it has been used in a search. You really want keywords that are high in demand, but low in supply. In other words, there are a lot of people searching the keywords, but there are not many websites that offer information on that particular keyword.

Think about Pay Per Click Prices of Keywords. Look at keywords that have the greatest potential for boosting your own site and then check the prices of those keywords on Google AdWords and Overture. You can research products that are offered through an affiliate program that pays high, at least 2 tier commissions or that you could sell in an online store. You need to be able to pull in a profit because you do not want to do all this work with no compensation.

Check out your competition. Always in business keep one eye on your business and the other on your competition. See how you can improve on their methods, products, services, offer something new and offer excellence and color. Figure out how to stand out from your competition.

Find niches that show potential but are unfilled or underfilled. It is unlikely that a niche will be unfilled, the internet is simply too vast and heavily populated. But there are many niches that are underfilled. Go for those.

Build content pages that draw traffic. You want the content pages of your website to attract search engine to your site. This can be done but it usually takes several months. As your site gradually rises in the search engines and you begin drawing more traffic, you can begin earning some money through various ventures.

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