Get Clients Now! 28-Day Marketing Tele-class With Donna Feldman

If your marketing took off on vacation and you want to get it back
to work fast, you might want to sign up for Donna Feldman's (The Networking Gurus) July Get Clients
Now! tele-class. It's convenient, it's quick, and a MUST if you need results FAST!

Here's What Your Get When You Register:
- Two 90-minute telephone seminars where you design your marketing plan.
- Four 60-minute group follow up sessions - 1 per week.
- A menu of over 100 marketing tools and ideas.
- Accountability, perspective and support from your coach and your team.
- Your own customized marketing plan that you can use over and over.

Donna Feldman is an experienced, certified coach who works with busy professionals to help them make big improvements in their lives, careers, and businesses.  She is a Senior Program Facilitator with Get Clients Now!™ Virtual University.  Whether it is facilitating a group, leading a seminar, or coaching a client, Donna thrives on giving people the tools and direction needed to take the next step.

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