For WAHMS: 42 Day Launch Incubator

Learn How To Hold A Live Teleseminar/Webinar Event AND Create A Great Information Product At The Same Time.
 Do you have a desire to start a new stream of income by producing and selling information products or by coaching or running a membership site? We have a a product that can help.  It’s Kelly McCausey's 42 Day Launch Incubator. 

Kelly has been creating information products and holding live teleseminars for over seven years.  The profits they produce for her have been a solid part of her income. 

A good information product does more than earn it's sale price too.  It brings new people into your membership sites and coaching programs. 
"I love it when someone buys a low cost ebook and then goes on to join my private membership ($500) group!"
If you want to brand yourself as an expert and develop a thriving product funnel like Kelly's - creating your own unique product is an excellent first step!

Kelly McCausey

In 42 Power Packed Days You Will:
  • Create and release Articles
  • Create and release a Special Report.
  • Create and release a Press Release.
  • Set up a ‘Name Squeeze/Burning Question’ Page.
  • Create an Autoresponder Sequence
  • Plan and Hold a Live Seminar Event
  • Create Bonus Resources
  • Create a short Sales Letter
  • Bundle your Recording, Transcripts and Extras into a Product.

"To be honest, when I started 42 Day Incubator Coaching, I was a bit nervous! I knew it would be a lot of work to complete in 6 weeks and I wondered if I could keep up and meet all of my deadlines. I tend to suffer from the "too many ideas" syndrome and have more things on my "to-do" list than my "finished" list.

Kelly provided a great time line for the project and working with her kept me focused and on target. Bouncing ideas off of her really helped. Her ideas and feedback helped me create a better product than I originally had in mind.

I had about 140 people register for the live teleseminar and have continued to receive orders for the recording.

The 42 Day Incubator was a great learning experience for me and I will continue to use the methods I learned to create more products in the future."
- Crissy Heron, Indie Biz Chicks

This is Kelly's Exclusive Blueprint For Your New Product Creation.
If you have an online business and you crave a new way to generate income - launching your own information based product is a great way to do it - and this program will take you through the steps, from idea to sales page in just six weeks!

Once or twice a year Kelly offers a group coaching program for this course. We meet together in her web conference room once each week for the six weeks.  It's like a mini-mastermind group.   Everyone learns and benefits from seeing what everyone else is doing.  Kelly is there to answer questions, review what you're creating and give advice. 

"I love doing this - it's exciting and fulfilling to see a new product take shape - and to see all the lights come on for my students when they realize they can repeat this process over and over and have a wonderful assortment of product to sell - six weeks at a time." - Kelly McCausey

If you've been wanting to create a product but felt you needed a plan to follow - this is it.  You'll know exactly what to do and when!


Incubator Group Coaching Plan = $149
(Includes Step by Step Agenda and Weekly Audios AND Weekly Group Coaching)

Our Next 42 Day Launch Group Meets on Tuesdays   

1:00-2:30pm Eastern - July 12th thru August 16th

Group Coaching Details: 
We will meet as a group on Tuesdays nights from 1:00-2:30pm Eastern.  You will report in on your progress and get to brainstorm with Kelly and the other participants. You will also be able to submit your report, articles, optin and sales pages for review and advice for improvement!  If you need accountability and some extra support - this is your best choice.

If you are more of a DIY kind of person, you could choose:
Incubator Self Study Plan = $29
(Includes Step by Step Agenda and Weekly Audios)

If you are more of a 'Let someone else do the time consuming work' kind of person, you could choose:
Incubator "Do It For Me" Plan = $599
(Includes Step by Step Agenda and Weekly Audios and Full Writing and Assistant Services!)

When you choose the "Do It For Me" Plan you're securing an entire support team.  Kelly will work with you to come up with a great plan - and put her people to work to execute it.  (Writer, copywriter, graphic designer and virtual assistant.)  You'll host your teleseminar and walk away with a full functional information product to sell long into the future.  (If you'd like to schedule a free 20 minute consult to discuss how this would work - please feel free to email and request one:  support@momstalknetwork.com)

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