Holidays can be Emotional Roller Coasters

Holidays can display the innocence and excitement of a child awaiting presents.  

Holidays can become the hurry scurry of attempting to work, write holiday greeting cards, shop for the perfect present, entertain, attend the myriad of seasonal parties and deal with daily life all at the same time.  
Just thinking about it is enough to bring on a massive case of exhaustion.  

It isn't any wonder that tension accompanies the holiday season.  Attempting to do too much, eat and drink delectable treats which are not exactly on the Weight Watchers recommended food list and cut back on sleep all at the same time is a recipe for emotional and physical upset.  

I hear your brains saying, "I still need to get it all done.  What can I do?"  

Step back, take a deep breath.  Find something which relaxes you and make time for it. Yes, I hear you saying, "I don't have the time."  Find the time.  This is your emotional sanity.

There are solutions which can be implemented easily and immediately. Once you know the keys to enjoying, not just surviving the holidays, they can be so much more enjoyable.

Here are only a few ideas to keep a firm grip on your emotional sanity and even bring it up a few notches.  The book Emotional Ice Water  is packed with helpful ideas and solutions to boost your emotional spirits.  It is written in an enjoyable story form; you can relate to the true life stories.  More than anything, you will appreciate the positive solutions you can implement into your life immediately.

Don’t let the roller coaster of emotions over the holidays or at any point in your year get the best of you.  There are positive ways to deal with negative situations. 

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