Starting An Internet Radio Show

Have any of you ever thought about starting your own radio show or podcast?

If you aren't familiar with podcasting, it's a kind of Internet radio show delivered to listeners over the internet via streaming. There is a wide variety of music and talk radio shows that are delivered as both live feeds or as pre-recorded content available on demand.

Podcasting is an internet radio show that's delivered as an audio file via RSS. That gives listeners the ability to download the radio show to their computer, listen to it in the ITunes player, or even download it to their Ipod or MP3 player!

Like blogging, podcasting is quickly becoming a hot new way to connect to your audience. That's why I've decided to launch my own podcasting show soon. Because I was completely unfamiliar with the whole concept of podcasting, I turned to podcasting guru, Kelly McCausey for answers. She has helped a lot of businesses launch their podcasting shows and really be successful with them!

Kelly has a super podcasting guide that gets you up and running in no time. She tells you things like the benefits of having a podcast, deciding who your audience is, what technology you need, and how to pull it all together.

If starting your own Internet Radio Show is something you can use in your business, and like me you need someone to help you figure it all out, Kelly's program might be just the ticket to get you up and running.

See Kelly's program here:
Shoe String Radio

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