Marketing Makeover

Now that the holidays are behind us, are finding yourself chomping at the bit to get back to work - or do you dread another day in the trenches?

If you discovered in 2006 that you didn't get all the business you wanted - it could be time for a marketing plan overhaul. An effective marketing plan is the key to getting business to come to you - and keep it coming through out the year. A strong marketing plan should always be a part of your overall business plan - by the way it is time for a review of that as well - and should be tailored specifically for your business AND your target market. STOP WASTING MONEY & ENERGY ON PLANS THAT DON'T WORK!

Receive a “Marketing Makeover” for only $75* - A $350 Value.

Your “Marketing Makeover” includes:
  • Review of all current marketing materials, including collaterals, business cards, flyers, ads, etc.
  • Review of your website (graphic and technical review)
  • Review of marketing plans for 2007
  • Complimentary 30 day run in the "QuickPitch" program
  • Complimentary pass to networking event
  • Recommendations

To schedule your “Marketing Makeover,”email, or call 303-258-6557.

*Offer ends 01/31/2007

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