TCC Leadership Team

Lisa Akers: Advisory Board ,,
Lisa is a wife and mother of two who is committed to bringing families closer together through handcrafts. She believes the power of connection starts at home and expands through every aspect of our lives. As she teaches in her classes, the simple act of knitting or crocheting a fabric together strengthens the bond between generations, opens a space for sharing common interests, and enables us to make connections with others that are powerful and meaningful. Lisa has expanded this philosophy into her business relationships and uses the power of connection in linking people together to create vibrant synergies. As a businesswoman, she is committed to helping others succeed by enabling them to find the resources they need to achieve their goals. Lisa is the owner of and lead instructor at Be Still & Knit, a Denver-based fiber arts learning center, founder of Blankets For Deployed Daddies, and co-founder of Mommy Meeting.

Roxanne Weaver: Advisory Board,
Roxanne is a 1st Grade Teacher by day, Super Business Woman by night! In addition to her leadership with The Colorado Connector, Roxanne is a Team Manager with Once Upon A Family, Spa Beauty At Home, Pink Paypaya and an account executive for a major American corporation. Roxanne recently co-founded the Mommy Meeting ( with Lisa Akers and Daniela Collins which is experiencing rapid growth with it's unique, kid-friendly networking events. Mommy Meeting is experiencing rapid growth and provides a plethora of activites, social gatherings, networkings, and vendor opportunities for women who have small children.

Rebekah Welch: President & CEO
Rebekah Welch is a Colorado native and joined the Colorado Connector team in October of 2005, and promoted to CEO and President in 2006. Rebekah started her first business in 1985 and recently founded Rebekah & Co.,LLC , a membership based alliance of Spa Professionals. Rebekah's disciplines include Business Management, Business & Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and Public Relations. Rebekah is the founder and team leader at The Chrysalis Connection. Additionally Rebekah is involved in multiple ministry projects and was recently awarded a Ph.D. on Philosophy & Religion. Rebekah is a renowned success coach and motivational speaker, and is eagerly anticipating the release of her first book.

Wendy Howard, Advisory Board,
Wendy has been helping people network for over 2 years. During that time she has met and worked with an amazing group of business owners and giving individuals in the nonprofit community. And after working with such an amazing group of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, she quickly recognized the need to bring both groups together in a networking environment. Now, along with her fellow board members, Wendy has made it her personal mission to provide a networking environment that creates close ties between individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Her goal is to help those who help their community succeed. Wendy is currently on sabbatical to complete and publish three manuscripts she has authored. Learn more at

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