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Do you ever feel lost when people talk about various internet marketing terms? Here is a list of definitions for you.

A- Autoresponder- an email program which allows you to subscribe, unsubscribe and send an unlimited amount of emails to an unlimited amount of subscribers.

Article Marketing- the process of writing articles and using them to promote your business and website.

B- Blog- an online journal or interactive website which allows you to post new articles, links and content as frequently as you wish and to get comments from your readers.

C- Community- a place online where people gather and post content, and comments.

Capture Page- a one page website whose only goal is the capture a piece of information from its visitors.

D-Directories- websites which list by category various other websites on the internet.

Domain Name- the address you type in to locate a given web page.

E- Ecourse-a series of emails sent out to subscribers on a given topic usually for free.

Ezine- also called a newsletter, sent out by email to subscribers.

F- forums- also called message boards, online communities based on a certain topic where people can interact with each other and share information.

H-HTML- the language used to create a web page.

Hyper Link- the clickable link you create to link to another web page.

I-Internet Marketing- a general term for the actions one takes to promote oneself online.

ISP- internet service provider, the company who provides you with access to the internet.

J-Javascript- a programming language used with forms and animation.

K-Keyword- a word which someone uses to search for a website.

L-Link Exchange- the act of exchanging links with another website owner. You place your link on their website and they put a link to your site on theirs.

M- Meta Data- the keywords, description and other information seen by search engines which indexes your website.

N-Network- a connection between more than one person or more than one computer.
O-Opt In- the process of confirming your interest in subscribing to an email newsletter.

P- Podcast- an online radio show or audio episodes which can be downloaded as well and listed to on a portable audio player.

Pay Per Click- the act of setting up search engine ads and then paying on the basis of the number of people who click on your ads.

R- RSS- a term for the feeds associated with a blog. Every time you post your RSS feed is updated.

S- squidoo- an excellent website for posting content. A cross between blogging and social networking.

Site map- a map of your website, usually seen only by search engines.

Seo- search engine optimization- the act of increasing your rankings in the search engines.

Splash Page- also called a capture page, a website whose only goal is too collect your information.

T- typepad- a blogging software.

U-URL- uniform resource locator, another name for your domain name.

V- viral marketing- the process of creating something which people love and pass on to their friends and then so on so that it is spread throughout the internet quickly.

W- wiki- an interactive website with content that people can edit such as Wikipedia.

Y- youtube- the most popular place online for submitting, watching and voting on videos.

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