Blogging: The Basics, The Benefits, and Unbelievable Simplicity!

For those new to the Internet, the popularity of blogs has sky-rocketed in the last decade. Just about every topic can be found in a blog. With this new rise to fame, blogs are being used also as a tool to improve business by flagging search engines and driving traffic to your website.

What is a blog, you ask? Good question- a blog was originally called a “web log” and was shortened to “blog.” It is basically a website. It is a forum for individuals to express any thought they have at any time through an “e-diary,” where viewers can find and read these posts. With any blog software, someone can create their own site which allows them to post thoughts or short articles as many times and as often as they please.

Of course you're thinking, how can this improve my business? Blogging makes finding you online much easier for the reader than a traditional website or even an ezine. Search engines like Google have blog indexes that can easily find your blog because of its simple content, and how often you update it. Think, how many times do you update your website? Once, twice, maybe four times a year? When you don’t update your site, you lose ranking on the search engines. While blogging, you may add a new post two or three times a week, and this keeps your blog at a higher rank in the search engines so you are found by readers more easily.

The nature of blogs allows your business to expand. Say you send out an ezine through your email, a client likes it, and forwards it to a friend. Now, with a blog, if someone likes your post, they can refer to it in their blog and it may attract thousands of their readers at once. Also, blogging allows your personality to shine. When readers can get to know you through the blog, they feel more comfortable doing business with you.

This all sound too good to be real? There must be some difficult avenue to get this to work for your business. Well, there’s not! If you can write an email, which I’m confident you can, you can write a blog. Blogging tends to be informal, so writing a post is simple enough for you to jot down whatever you’re thinking. Also, most blogging sites are free. You can sign up and have your very own blog in minutes.

Visit a blog site, like Wordpress.com today and sign up for your blog to get started NOW!

Andrea Susan Glass and WritersWay.com. Andrea Susan Glass, owner of WritersWay, is a ghostwriter and copyeditor who provides effective marketing materials for greater client attraction and retention and valuable information products for building expertise and passive income, including eBooks, reports, articles, ezines, and website content. Visit www.WritersWay.com for all your writing, editing and marketing needs and to order your FREE report, “Top Ten Tips on How to Write and Sell Your eBook for Maximum Profit with Minimum Effort.”

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