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Submitted 2008-02-27 09:26:21
One of the most controversial and used website is Facebook which is based on social networking. It started in February 2004 and constantly expanded up to 60 millions of users as it has today. It began to be used by students from different colleges in the U.S. and is now used in many countries and people can choose various kinds of social groups, from school to the place of employment or a certain geographical region. It is meant to be a social utility that helps people to interact with other people by joining different participating networks. When it comes to Facebook's popularity, its traffic ranking increased vertiginously from 2006 to 2007 and now it is the most popular website based on social interaction.

The site has a wide variety of functions: its users can post videos, photos or notes they write and show them to their friends. More and more persons use Facebook as a mediator between them and their friends. Sharing all kinds of things such as photos and links allows people to know each other better and to communicate more. The users mainly use Facebook because they can share their interests with others in an easy and friendly way. They also benefit from various privacy settings so no one can see their information unless they want that. Although there were some scandals related to the security one has when using Facebook, people still trust the website and enjoy its offers.

For using this website, people only need an email address in order to register, then they choose a network and they get connected with the people around them. This way, anyone can know a lot of people from the place they work, they study or from the region they live in. Facebook offers to people many applications that make users to be very delighted about using this website. The option for users to control who sees their information and what they want to share with others give them the trust they need fo using such a website. Their profile can contain anything they want from videos to journals and articles.

Although Facebook has an increasing number of users, critics don't agree with the existence of such a website mainly because of the privacy aspects. Studies showed that it is majorly used by young people who post personal information without valuing their privacy. A study showed that children don't understand the fact that other people besides their colleagues can see their information and some of the users don't even know that they can benefit from privacy settings. People usually think that they only share their personal information with their friends; however, a huge number of people can access their profile as well because the users don't think about using the privacy setting. Whether you want to use such a website or not, there is one important thing for you to keep in mind: privacy is one of the most significant things for us and we must realize that. Facebook is a great website just as long as you really share your profile only with the ones you know well.

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