A Virtual Caffeine Boost for Your Business Marketing Strategy

Television commercials, newspaper advertisements, and radio announcements have long served as the staple mediums for business owners to reach potential customers. The rise of the Internet has made an entirely new form of communication available to the masses. Blogs, websites, emails, news feeds, and podcasts can serve as a virtual jolt of energy for your business marketing endeavors.

Article marketing is one of the few marketing methods that seamlessly made the leap from paper to screen. Business owners have long sought potential publication opportunities to gain exposure. Before the Internet, however, most of these opportunities were in local newspapers and magazines that had limited readership. The Internet has made the possibilities for business owners to reach customers limitless. New websites, newsletters, and email subscriptions are born everyday, offering an infinite amount of promotional niches.

Article distribution services have proven to be particularly successful in connecting business owners with content publishers. "The Internet is all about content," says Chris Ellington, CEO of Article Marketer. "Content publishers are hungry for information that will engage their audiences. By providing this, our authors are making immediate and lasting connections.

These connections offer an entirely different marketing opportunity. Businesses can reach their target market through social networking rather than traditional advertising. Publishers can find exactly the kind of content they are looking for, and the Web becomes a real tool to connect readers worldwide.

That satisfaction experienced by both writers and the content site owners has propelled the article marketing business to World Wide Web success in recent years. Darryl Hupfer, Managing Director of Actuate Companies, LLC, a Boston-based marketing group with extensive article marketing experience proclaims that "writers publish an article or two, then publish one or two a week, from that point forward. If this process wasn't successful in generating sales and profits, we'd note an obvious decline in the number of articles published. That 's simply not happening. We anticipate that article marketing will continue to expand as digital content demand increases. It 's a great media opportunity, and national media is seeing the impact and the results."

The response from the national media has solidified what the experienced article marketing experts have long proclaimed: article marketing is one of the few ways a business owner can gain legitimate exposure for a company without making a considerable financial sacrifice.

As the article marketing pioneers continue to credit business success to their article marketing campaigns, more novice and seasoned business owners have increasingly begun to subscribe to this method of promotion. Resulting from this phenomenon is the explosion of available content. Paralleling the increased output of content is the demand for such content in the form of newsletters, websites, and other publications.

Content site owners, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike benefit from the surge in article marketing efforts. While business owners enjoy increased site traffic and sales, consumers are offered quality information on myriad subjects without spending a dime. The more voices willing to share information about subjects they are truly knowledgeable about, the better. Everybody wins!

Article marketing will likely continue to see success in the caffeinated colloquium that is today 's business market. The Internet is here to stay and as long as there are potential customers using it, there will be companies marketing to them through article publication.

Jackson Summerford is a marketing guru, and the so-called "Possessor of All Marketing Knowledge." He holds court at his blog, Summerford Sums It Up. He also frequently contributes his expertise to Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service.

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