Littleton Marie Callenders Closes Doors For Christmas

The last standing Marie Callender's restaurant in Colorado closed it doors on Christmas Eve...forever. Key staff members were notified this morning with a personal phone call from franchisee, Rob Grisham.

Former staff members were home enjoying their one day Christmas break Sunday after a very busy holiday season. By close of business on Saturday the restaurant had sold out completely of every single pie on the menu, making the announcement even more confusing to employees who had worked the Christmas Eve shift. "This is an awful thing to have happen anytime, and especially on Christmas," said one former manager who was blindsided by the news. Some were suggesting that an exorbitant increase in franchise fees from the parent company had forced the close.

The venue, located at 51 West Dry Creek Court in Littleton, Colorado had enjoyed over twenty years of success and was frequented by a large number of regulars, including troubleshooter Tom Martino and actor Neil Flynn (Scrubs, The Middle). The restaurant was particularly well known for its gourmet pies and Sunday Champagne Brunches. Former managers were generously offering to provide letters of recommendation for their coworkers who will be aggressively seeking replacement jobs.

The sentiment among former employees was one of shock and sadness. Several expressed concern for their futures due to the sudden loss of employment. "What will I do now?" sobbed one former hostess who had been saving her earnings to help her family get a much needed car.

The restaurant is not accepting phone calls, and no other information is available at this time. Those with questions should contact the main corporate office via the website at

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