Why your blog isn't working and how to fix it.

Your blog is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. In order for your blog to be EFFECTIVE for attracting clients, it must be relevant and consistent. SEO optimized informative posts position you as an expert in your industry - when your blog is being frequently updated with new information!

What is the value of frequent blogging? Some might see no value in it; and might instead create multiple blogs, each of which they attend to for only minutes each week. Other blog owners see the importance of updating your blog often and will spend 3-4 hours each day updating their blogs with news and ideas.  From both a technical marketing viewpoint and a social marketing viewpoint, updating your blog often is one of the best ways to maintain a constant stream of traffic - read, "potential customers" - visiting your blog.

There is one big problem with most blogs. They are not set up for marketing! Most people make the mistake of setting up a free blog and pasting it with all sorts of marketing information about their company, products, and other stuff that most people simply don't care about. Then they wonder why they are not making any money.

New and unique VALUE ADDED content makes your blog look better to search engine spiders. This, in turn, gets your blog ranked higher, making it mush easier for your potential customers to find YOU when they are seeking solutions to their problems. Updating your blog more frequently will allow you to get pings accepted more frequently, which means your blog will spend more time on the front page of blog directories, again increasing your visibility and bringing you new traffic.

 The importance of updating your blog often also comes into play if you wish to integrate extensive social marketing into your overall marketing plan. Most people don't realize this, but marketing is often all about the human connections. Your blog is your platform to demonstrate not only your expertise about your chosen industry, but also to make yourself more personable and unique to your readers which creates a stronger sense of connection. Blogging frequently keeps you top of mind to your readers in addition to keeping you visible to search engines.

You don't need to be a technical wizard if you forget about profits for a few minutes and instead concentrate on making human connections with other blog owners who share similar interests. One of the best ways to achieve this is by keeping an updated blog, which will give other bloggers the incentive to drop by each day, post new comments on your blog, and refer their own blog readers to your blog. The importance of updating your blog often is critical. Ideally you'll want to post something each day, but for most businesses, if you can update your blog AT LEAST one a week you'll see a huge increase in the number of visitors coming to your blog.

I know, I know - you just don't have the time to spend generating new content for your blog. You have so many other things you're trying to manage, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, now this Pinterest thingy - it's all completely overwhelming and you just don't know how you're going to squeeze this in. OUTSOURCE IT. Use a service like the one we offer at The Connector that gives you 4 optimized and relevant blog posts for just $47 to keep your blog fresh and interesting. Take the pressure off yourself, focus on the "fun" stuff and let the professionals get your blog working for you.

Bottom line is that you need a home base on the Internet. It's got to be professional and it's got to be set up for results, and it's got 
to get you TRAFFIC. Whether your goal is to use your blog for social marketing or technical marketing, it is imperative that you update it often with unique and interesting content if you want to build an atmosphere that encourages return visits.

Your blog is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. In order for your blog to be EFFECTIVE for attracting clients, it must be relevant and consistent. Let us create SEO optimized posts that position you as an expert in your industry.
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TaraJacobsen said...

I can totally tell you that when I blog consistently, my search engine hits continue to climb. When I fall off, I don't get NO traffic, but do not get the great peaks of traffic that really help get new readers in the bucket!!!