Why your resume is failing to get you the interview.

 RESUME REVIEW. The old rules of resume writing no longer apply. In today’s market, techniques from even two years ago are no longer relevant or effective for getting your resume to stand out from the sea of  700 – 800 applicants for any given job. Most “standard” resumes are round-filed almost immediately. There are specific techniques you must employ for your resume to be chosen from the hoards of hopefuls competing for the position you’re equipped to fill.

In this "Employer's Market" it is not enough to simply have a good, clean, informative resume. Yours MUST be structured specifically to make it past the screener, much less into the hands of the hiring agent.  It is only the small percentage of documents who have incorporated these modifications that reach the HR department for viewing, the majority are simply discarded after a brief glance. Unless the right parts are present in the right area of your resume, chances are yours will also be eliminated immediately, no matter how perfect you may be for the position.
Having a trained set of third-party eyes can help you recognize what could be improved to increase your chances of getting called back for an interview. Our team of skilled professionals will review your resume and identify changes you must make to get your resume in the hands of the hiring agent for the job you want.
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